Need to open a troop bank account or update the signers?

  1. Read these Instructions for opening a Girl Scout troop bank account
  2. Complete the Bank account & signers form (F-36)

Girl Scout Troop Financials Reports – Due May 31
Nockie Zizelman, Financial Specialist,

Stay tuned for information on how to upload your annual report by May 31, 2018 via the Volunteer Toolkit.
The following are the very basics for filling in the F-31 Troop Annual Financial Report form (Submission through VTK preferred, Excel Form or Handwritten/Typed Form)

Income Category Explanation
Dues Troop Dues
Membership registration / Patches money to be used for GS USA registration, and basic uniform patches such as troop numbers, American flag
Troop bonus   plus any additional bonus
     Fall product earnings from Fall product sales
     Cookie sale earnings from cookie sales
Donations beyond any small donations such as $5 here and there during cookie sale — for ex. a family gives $50
Additional Money Earning Activities an approved bake sale or car wash, for example,
– see handout for more details
Financial Aid Received (from Council)
Expense Category Explanation
Membership registration / Patches for GS USA registration, and basic uniform patches such as troop numbers, American flag
Pins, Badges Patches, etc earned for journeys, etc / or fun patches
Camping campsite reservation costs, groceries, etc
Trips Events Activities zoo or museum visits, out of town trips
Program Supplies journey books, scout notebooks, other supplies / crafts etc to facilitate troop meetings
Facilities Equipment durable goods like a troop cooler
Service Projects for ex., supplies to make a “Birthday in a Bag” donation, or thread for a project making pillowcase dresses for Africa
Other Expenses if it doesn’t fit anywhere else, explain it well here
Bank fees buying checks – otherwise try not to have bank fees
  • Keep your spreadsheet up to date all year to keep it easy! Use the tabs to let the form do the math for you!
  • Remember not to use troop money for sales tax – use the Tax Exempt form.
  • If you don’t have a receipt for an expense, make a note of the expense and why you don’t have the receipt. If Council audits your troop, you will need to show receipts.