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Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) Info
Snap Online Order System (SNAP)
GSSJC Resources – Available for TCMs who have Current TCM role declared

Cookie Cupboard Info for Bending Bayous
• 12 package minimum – you can mix & match cookie flavors
• Authorization Card is required. TCM can designate volunteers.
• Closest Location – Girl Scout Center (3110 Southwest Fwy)
• No Planned Order Required
• Hours: Closed Mon & Sun, Tue to Fri 9 am – 6 pm, Sat 9 am – 2 pm

Girl Selling Basics
For the initial order, all orders are entered in SNAP per girl. If you choose to allow the girls to continue selling after the initial order, the cookies will be transferred from the cupboard to the troop and the TCM will transfer the appropriate quantities from the troop to the girls in SNAP. The Troop Cookie Worksheet is a great tool too keep track of girl orders and is available on the GSSJC Resources site.

Girls collect money when they deliver the cookies, unless it’s a donation order. Those they collect at the time of the order since they won’t return to the customer. If the customer pays by check, the check is made out to “GSSJC”, not the troop account, and cannot exceed $120 per customer (not just per check, including troop parents). Checks get deposited in Council’s account so the troop isn’t responsible for bad checks.

Managing Cookie Inventory
Once the TCM receives cookies from the megadrop or cupboard, sort all cookie orders first before allowing a single package of cookies to be picked up. It’s so much easier to track down the discrepancy when all cookies are still in the room.

After booth sales, login to SNAP and transfer cookies to the girls selling at the booth. That way, SNAP inventory will reflect actual inventory.

Managing Cookie Finances
As girls turn in money, the TCM enters a transaction in SNAP for each girl. Record all deposits to Council in SNAP. Deposit all checks in the Council bank account so that your troop is not responsible for bad checks. At the end of the cookie season, write a check from your troop account to Council for the remaining amount your troop owes Council. Do NOT include your troop proceeds. If you do, you’ll need to wait awhile for Council to refund your money.

Booth Basics
If you have additional tips or information, please share with us.

  • At least one adult must be a registered member that has been background checked (minimum of Friends & Family level). Next year, all adults working booths will need to meet this requirement.
  • Girls wear Girl Scout uniform (you can fill in your troop’s definition of that)
  • No more than 4 girls per booth
  • Bring cash box to store cookie money.  This can be as simple as a pencil box. It must be out of easy reach of customers.
  • Bring Starter Change ~$150 in small bills. Mostly $5s & $1s.
  • 2 adults per booth minimum – Daisy troops may require more. One adult remains at the cash box the entire time. The other(s) assist girls with sales.
  • Most booth locations require you to bring your own table. Your troop can decorate as you choose – tablecloth, signage, etc.
  • The Cookie Booth Inventory Worksheet is very helpful to keep track of booth inventory and is available on the GSSJC Resources site.

Here’s a Good Booth/ Bad Booth activity you can share with your troops –

How many cookies should I order for a cookie booth?
That’s a very difficult question and varies tremendously based on booth time, weather, etc. In the past, a troop’s booth has sold from 70 pkgs (cold & rainy) to perhaps 200 pkgs. Big Disclaimer: This cookie quantity information is approximate!

Here’s an approximate ranking of popularity to help determine the qty of each to order.
1. Thin Mints
2. Caramel deLites
3. Peanut Butter Patties
4. Thanks-A-Lot
5. Lemonades
6. Peanut Butter Sandwich
7. Shortbread

NOTE: Historical quantities for S’mores cookies aren’t available, since they are new this year.

If your troop continues to sell after pre-orders, you can use the unsold pkgs to fill those orders or transfer them to another troop that needs them. You can’t return them to the cookie cupboard (unless your booth is during the end of sale consignment period).

I have a parent that won’t turn in money. What do I do?
Make sure you have a cookie permission slip on file and copies of all cookie and money receipts. You’ll file a discrepancy report and Council will attempt to obtain the money from the parent. You don’t need to continuing trying and you certainly don’t need to take the money out of troop funds or your own pocket.

We hope this is helpful for your troops! Good luck with your cookie sales!