Post-Harvey Volunteer Camp Clean-Up – Wind-A-Mere

September 23, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Camp Wind-A-Mere

Many of you have inquired about the status of Camps Pryor and Wind-a-Mere. Both camps sustained moderate damage as a result of Hurricane Harvey, including flooding.  Our rangers are currently assessing the damage and working very hard to restore these properties. This process could take two to three weeks. Many of you have expressed your desire to help with the restoration. We are planning to host two camp workdays:

Please use this sign-up to confirm your attendance to the camp clean up of your choice. Thank you for volunteering!!

This event is reserved for adults and girls 16 years or older accompanied with a parent/guardian. Due to the nature of the work being performed, we cannot accommodate Tag-Alongs.

Check-In:  There will be a check-in sheet that everyone will need to sign upon arrival.  This will verify that you were at camp.

Where will you check-in? Wind-A-Mere–Lindsay Lodge (at end of main road)–9:00AM

Breakfast:  Coffee, juice and doughnuts will be available in the event you have to skip breakfast to get to camp on time.

Work Assignments:  Assignments will be confirmed at 9:00 and you will be on the job, or in the process of being transported to your job site by 9:30.  There will be a list of jobs on the sign-in table at both camps. Work assignments may be shifted by the crew leaders, based on the number of attendees and the priority of the projects available. We appreciate your flexibility!

Water will be provided in abundance.  No one is to go without water – stay hydrated – we will insist you take a drink if we think you are looking stressed.  It may or may not be a hot day.

First Aid Kits:  Each crew leader will have access to a first aid kit.  If you need something please let us know, so we may attend to your needs and keep a small problem from becoming a large one.  Your crew leader is certified in first aid, CPR, AED and will be in radio/phone contact with camp staff at all times.

Lunch Time:  We notify each crew leader when lunch is ready.

Dress:  You will want to dress for work.  Comfortable clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty or even a little tear if you are working with tools or in the woods is the order of the day.  Save dressing “camp chic” for another time.  Closed toed shoes are a must. 

Quitting Time:  We will be finished by approximately. 4:00 p.m. depending on the work accomplished and evening schedules.  We know some have other events to fit in and we appreciate your spending your day with us.  Please, if you must leave early because of an evening commitment notify your crew leader (that will be a Facilities and Services  dept. manager) so we know you are leaving and not missing in action or lost in the woods.


  • Insect repellent.
  • Sunscreen is always a good idea.
  • Hat
  • Work Gloves (we will have some but if you have a favorite pair bring them with you)
  • Bring a Snack – if you feel you will need something before or after lunch.
  • Sit-upon, or something to kneel on is always a good idea.

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