Need to open a troop bank account or update the signers?

  1. Read these Instructions for opening a Girl Scout troop bank account
  2. Complete the Bank account & signers form (F-36)

Girl Scout Troop Financials Reports – Due May 31
Amanda Focke, Interim Financial Specialist, amandafocke AT


Submitting the forms via the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) is the preferred method for reporting the annual troop/group finances. The Finances Tab report will go directly to GSSJC. At the San Jacinto Council site,, log in and go to MyGS to find the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK), which has a Finances Tab.

The report is prepared by the Troop Treasurer and then input into VTK by the Troop Leader.

The following are the very basics for filling in the F-31 Troop Annual Financial Report form (Submission through VTK preferred, Excel Form or Handwritten/Typed Form)

Beginning Balance: Equals the prior year F31 ending balance. If the troop is new, the beginning balance should be 0.


Income Items Explanation
Troop Dues/Start Up Funds money collected from families for dues or start up
GSUSA Membership Registration (early bird/on-time) money collected from families to pay for all or part of GSUSA National Membership Dues
Fall Product Sales Troop Proceeds All deposits related to fall product less ACH payment to GSSJC
Cookie Sale Troop Proceeds All deposits related to cookie sales less ACH payment to GSSJC
Donations Preapproval is required See F-30B and F-112B This does not include parent paid troop expenses
Additional Money Earning Activities an approved bake sale or car wash, for example Preapproval is required. See form F-32C
Assessments (Parent Paid Events) funds collected from families for the following troop activities:
* Camping
* Day Events/Fields Trip
* Non-Camping Overnights/Travel
Other Includes money received from troop merger, incentives received from community/council. Use the income notes section to describe the items included here
Financial Aid Received include any financial aid received
Troop Expenses Explanation
GSUSA Membership Registration Dues paid by troop to GSUSA for National Membership or reimbursement to families or volunteers for their membership
Pins / Earned Badges / Awards / Insignia Official pins, earned badges, awards and insignia – items worn on front of uniform
Camping all costs related to camping such as reservation fees, activity fees, food, travel
Trips / Events / Activities * Day Events/Field Trips – non-overnight, non-camping activities
* Non Camping Overnights/Travel – reservations, food travel etc.
Program Supplies 1. Guides/Journey Books/Badge Activity Sets – Girls guide, Badge Activity sets, journey books
2. Fun patches – any patch displayed on back of uniform
3. Other Program Supplies – such as craft supplies, activity kits, reference books
Facilities / Equipment meeting space and equipment rentals, purchased equipment (include on troop property list)
Service / Take Action Projects supplies needed to perform Service or Take Action Project. Also includes troop funds used for Bronze, Silver and Gold projects
Other Expenses Any other expenses such as volunteer training. Use the expenses notes section to describe items included here
Bank fees Any bank fees such as purchasing of checks. Try to keep these fees as low as possible

Ending Balance: The beginning balance plus any income minus any expenses should be the ending balance. If the ending balance does not match the April/May bank statement, include the reconciliation of the bank statement with outstanding checks or deposits.

Please review the report before submitting it to make sure:

  • The beginning balance matches the prior year ending balance
  • The product sales proceeds match the sales financial report for both fall product and cookie sales
  • The additional earning activities have been properly approved
  • Donations have been approved from council (donations at cookie booths should be converted to cookie shares)
  • The expenses are reasonable
  • The ending balance matches the Bank Balance. If not, submit a bank reconciliation.
  • A troop property report is included if needed

The Troop Treasure and Troop Leader have both signed the F-21 if submitted manually.