Fun FAQs

1.Your troop want to go to Sky High (indoor trampoline park) as a back to school celebration. Where would you find safety rules for that outing? 

  • Safety Activity Checkpoints located in Leader Resources online (replaced Safety Wise).
    Trick question – Girls cannot go trampolining (see page 5)
  • We also learned that while girls cannot go trampolining, they can do indoor skydiving!

2.Your troop just finished their Bronze Award (or other award or service project or fun trip), and you have a great group picture to share. Where can you share it? How do you submit the photo? 

3.Your troop wants to hold a bake sale to raise money for the local animal shelter. Where can you find information about fundraising? 

  • Volunteer Essentials located in Leader Resources. See Ch. 5; Additional Group Money-Earning Activities
  • Request permission from Council through Community – finance, CLT, or Council CEM depending on type of money earning activity
  • Must have participated in 2 most recent Council product sales
  • Complete Money Earning Request (F-32)
  • There are very specific rules related to raising money for organizations other than Girl Scouts. Your troop may want to consider making non-monetary donations or contributions to other organizations rather than holding a fundraiser.

4.A Daisy troop is forming at your school. The new leaders ask you for guidance/ideas on what to do for their first few meetings. You would love to sit down and help them map out their meetings but are short on time. Are there any resources you can direct them to? Where can you find them, and what information do they contain?

  • Leader Resources page, left side link to New Leaders has the 1st 4 meetings guides for Daisy, Brownie, Junior. Includes ideas for troop meeting places, checklists, songs, games, etc.
  • Golden Link Troop Program Ideas
  • Do a Journey and utilize the leader book associated with that Journey

5.You are trying to get a parent volunteer to be the troop treasurer. The parents are concerned because none of them are accountants. What resources do leaders and treasurers have to make troop finances easy? When should leaders start working on their financial report?

  • Girl Scouts provides your troop treasurer with the resources and support to do the job, so they do not need to have any special skills other than the ability to balance a checkbook.
  • Troop Group Financial Report – F31 excel version
    Start working on your report on June 1, the day after you turn in your troop’s annual financial report for the prior year
  • Volunteer Essentials – Ch. 5 Managing Group Finances
  • Foolproof Finances Green Apple Training
  • Community Service Team – Financial Specialist

6.Your troop is excited to start their year and has a wide variety of interests. They have asked about archery, canoeing, scrapbooking, horseback riding, robotics, STEM, and environmental awareness programs. Yikes! That’s a bit overwhelming! Where can you find information about those programs on the GSSJC website? (Hint: You can find it all and more on one page.)

  • Go to the GSSJC Program Activities page, which can be found under the Quick Links box on the right side of the GSSJC home page.
  • Also, check the Golden Link or login on to the Program/Training Registration page on the GSSJC website under Helpful Links (on the right) to search for programs of interest to your troop

7.You have a parent in your troop who is camp trained and attends every camp out. He has also taught your troop knife skills and knot tying and picks up your troop cookies from the cookie mega drop each year. You want to show your appreciation.


So many acronyms!
What do they all mean?

  • CLT – Community Leadership Team
    Three volunteer members responsible for coordinating the Girl Scout activities in our Community by providing administrative coordination of the CST as well as serving as the connection with Council to ensure that Community Volunteers receive information from GSSJC.
  • CST – Community Service Team
    A group of volunteers who plan and coordinate direct services to individual troops/groups. CST roles include: Communication Coordinator, Treasurer, Financial Specialist, Registration Specialist, Placement Specialist, Facilitator, Girl Planning Advisor, Event Team Lead, Mentoring Team Lead, Recruitment Team Lead, Product Sales Team Leads.
  • The CEM and VEM are Girl Scout staff positions who work in partnership with Community Leadership Teams to provide support and advice for membership development and support.
    • CEM – Community Engagement Manager
    • VEM – Volunteer Experience Manager
  • GSSJC – Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council
    Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council serves 26 counties in Southeast Texas, including: Angelina, Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Hardin, Harris, Houston, Jasper, Jefferson, Liberty, Matagorda, Montgomery, Nacogdoches, Newton, Orange, Polk, Sabine, San Augustine, San Jacinto, Shelby, Trinity, Tyler, Walker, Waller and Wharton.