Girls Night Out…side Adult Volunteer Job Descriptions 2018

Each adult attending the camp out will need to sign up for a shift helping the weekend go smoothly.

Here are the kinds of work – something for everyone! 🙂
A sign-up will be online soon.

Canoe Volunteers – Volunteers will help with set up and breakdown of canoeing.  Volunteers will check swim and safe boating cards. Girls with swim cards and safe boating cards will be able to canoe without an adult.  Volunteers will need to coordinate girls without swim cards and adults. Volunteers will help girls with life jackets.

Crafts – Volunteers will familiarize themselves with crafts and help girls.  In addition, craft rooms will need to be kept clean and organized.

  • Younger girl craft room 1: – Girls will be making …… This is friendly to all ages.
  • Younger girl craft room 2:  Girls will be making ….  Smaller girls will need help.
  • Older Girl Lounge (Cadettes and older) –  crafts for older girls, such as jewelry.

Check-in / Registration – Adults needed to assist at the check-in station at the lodge as troops arrive. Check registration paperwork,  hand out troop information packets, advise on location of their camping unit if staying overnight.

Meal Kit Preparation and Distribution Assistance – Volunteers will be assigned duties by the lead cook, assembling simple meal kits for troops to pick up, for Saturday breakfast, lunch, snack, and Sunday breakfast.  
Every volunteer will need to make sure that they have hair put back and covered.