GIRLtopia Journey

Senior Troop 25433 completed the GIRLtopia Girl Scout journey by exploring girls in media. What is the perfect world for women and girls? How have your favorite actresses and pioneering characters inspired you? During the journey, they heard from women in the film industry and discussed stereotypes they face. As part of the journey, they completed posters and have chosen to share them with you to showcase what they learned during the journey.

Deeply feminine beauty, from the heart of women. Beauty has many definitions and is diverse. Empowering women is beautiful and should be done instead of putting women down. Many women are put down for their own deep beauty and we have to learn to embrace these women and help them stand up to a society that puts them down.

Your relationship with food can play a big role with how you see yourself. Meaning, you can eat the food that you know is good for you, while enjoying it. A healthy relationship with food may look like eating when you are hungry and putting down the fork when you are full. It is very important to love yourself and the food you eat, while staying healthy and active.