Parent Roles

Assigning roles to parents can help spread the effort beyond  troop leaders. One troop asked their parents to sign up for roles and provided us an example to share here.

Dear Parents,

Your daughter is invited to join Girl Scout Junior Troop #XXXXX for the upcoming school year. Juniors is the next level of scouting after Brownies. Your daughter may be continuing on to Juniors or be joining Girl Scouts for the first time. Girl Scout Juniors earn badges and discover what girl power is all about through new activities and by learning to take charge of their own plans. They gain self-confidence as they explore the world in partnership with their troop and leaders.

Since this level change is a new adventure for the girls, it is also an ideal time to make adjustments to the structure and operations of the troop to meet the new goals. It takes an enormous amount of time and energy to run a successful troop. This year we respectfully require that each participating girl have one parent choose and fulfill an Adult Volunteer Role. This role can be carried out by a mother, father or even a grandparent. The girls will be making more decisions on what they want to do as a troop, so much of the direction will come from the girls themselves. We will work closely with each position to communicate girl goals and desires.

Adult Volunteer Roles to choose from:

  • Awards Manager (1): maintain Excel file, track all earned badges, pins, awards and fun patches
  • Camp Leader (2 needed): Plan and execute Fall and Spring overnights; must be Camp Trained through GSSJC
  • Camp Assistant (1 for Fall Overnight; 1 for Spring Overnight): Work with Camp Leaders to plan and execute one of the overnights
  • Cookie Manager: Oversees troop’s cookie campaign; manages troop’s GSSJC cookie account
  • Cookie Assistant (2 needed): Works with Cookie Manager; pick-up, delivery and storage of cookies; assist with cookie booth coordination, logistics and set-up
  • End-of-Year Outing Coordinator: Plan and execute end-of-school year outing based upon girl input
  • External Communications Coordinator: Submit troop photos and appropriate description of projects/events to GSSJC’s Golden Link magazine, School Parent Website, PTO Press, or any other outlet that may be appropriate for submission
  • Fall Service Project Coordinator (2 needed): Plan/execute Fall service project based upon girl input and/or Journey badge requirements
  • First Aider (1): training required through GS Council, responsible for maintaining/bringing first aid kit to outings, lead girls in earning First Aid badge
  • Forms Manager: Collects, tracks and stores all appropriate forms for our troop
  • Photographer/Historian (2 needed): Take photos at outings, overnights, service projects, etc.; organize and digitally store photos; create a CD at year’s end for each girl or create a digital sharing account; keep copies of any troop photos or articles from external sources
  • Spring Service Project Coordinator (2 needed): Plan/execute Spring service project based upon girl input and/or Journey badge requirements
  • School Scout Coordinator: Liaison for scout/school related events and projects
  • Treasurer: Oversees all finances of the troop; tracking, reporting, receipts and reimbursements of troop funds; responsible for end-of-year financial report to GSSJC